About Me

As you can tell from the pictures, I love my family, the outdoors, and animals, especially the whinnying kind!  I have always enjoyed the adventure of teaching 5th and 6th grade and the pleasure of sharing some of my hobbies with my "bunch".  School counseling is another area of my experience that enables me to be a caring resource to both my students and their parents.

Two of my favorite Bible characters are Daniel and Joseph because they trusted God in the most difficult of circumstances, and so can we!  I want my students to know that God is working His plan for their lives just like He did for Daniel and Joseph.  And all of us, student, teacher, or parent can have Daniel's and Joseph's wisdom, humility and ability to please others by God's grace.

Brent and BeckiRecently, my family and I rode the Virginia Creeper, a bike trail created from an old railroad bed.  You see the trestles and a station.

My 3 kids

We visited Grayson Highlands, also, where ponies are allowed to roam free.  This little one was completely unafraid as his mother watched warily from behind.