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Week of Nov.26, 2018

posted Jul 5, 2016, 9:37 AM by Rebecca Burgess   [ updated Nov 29, 2018, 5:44 PM ]

Spelling  List (week 1 )  Complete activities in Spelling City.  Test on Fri. Nov. 30                                                . 
Grammar       M review of irregular verbs practice lie/lay, rise raise, sit set (57,58)  T practice direct objects to assist with identifying correct forms or lie/lay pp 59,60  W p. 60

Reading  M Read scholastic News Articles (do not need to answer questions this week) focus Article on Language Loss T Complete 2 comprehension activities on language article W
Writing M Introduction to poetry  T Examine poem A Wintry Night and write creative nouns and verbs
W practice similes and metaphors and begin writing a poem
Math 5  M wb 65,66 T wb 67, 68  W wb 69, 70 Th wb 71,72  F IXL lessons on decimals

Math 6  M p.130 12-24 even, 30, 34  T Fractions review worksheets  W p.136 14-28 evens, 45-49 all
Th pp 136,137 29-42 all  F IXL lessons decimals

Bible  We have been working on our Christmas program daily.  No memory verse test this week.  Memory verse Test next Friday , Dec. 7  Isa. 9:6
Social Studies  M/T  Complete Scholastic News activity about languages  Homework assignment for the week--Students are to complete their research for their Egypt projects and write the information they want to use on note cards.  They must include their sources on the note cards.  W Students will write note cards for their textbook sources in class.  Friday Students need to bring note cards in for Mrs. Burgess to check.  Students must also tell Mrs. Burgess on Friday what artifact they are planning to make for their social studies project.  Deadline for completing research is extended to Monday.  I will be looking at note cards and checking what artifact they have  decided to make.
All science Chapter 6 concept questions due Friday and Chapter review questions.

Week of Nov. 12, 2018

posted Jul 5, 2016, 9:36 AM by Rebecca Burgess   [ updated Nov 25, 2018, 12:58 PM ]

Bible  Memory verse test 11/16 Exodus 20:8-11
Spelling  (week 4 words)  Study words using Spelling City.  Test on Friday, Nov. 16

Grammar  M pp45-48 irregular verbs practice p. 49  T past part. p. 50, comma rules pp 293, 294 practice p295  

Reading  M quiz over reading from A Door in the Wall and a vocabulary quiz.

Math 5   adding &subtracting decimals. M wb 61,62  T  wb 63,64 review for quiz. TH extra practice to review for quiz. Midchapter quiz pp 129,130 Thick book (be sure to complete thick book pages for practice that go along with the workbook assignments that are turned in.) F  Complete quiz and work IXL assignments that are similar to the decimal skills that are currently being learned.

Math 6   multiplying and dividing decimals. M IXL practice over multiplying decimals with zeroes. Review for quiz. T quiz p. 125  TH p.130 9-23 odd&29-35 odd  F IXL practice with dividing decimals 
Social Studies Scholastic News for Social Studies  and students research information for their Egypt study topics. 

    The 5/6 binder should have:

Page 35--Scriptures                                                     This weeks in class work:
          39--IAS plant                                                          Lab  p 175
          41--IAS animal
          43--IAS animal                                                        Review is due on Thursday 
          45--Concept check 1 p.167
          47--Lab p 163                                                         Lab p 179 (if possible)
          49--Concept check 2 p. 173
          51--Lab p 169
          53--Concept check 3 p. 179
          55--Lab p. 175
          57--Lab p. 179 or Review

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