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Week of Mar. 18, 2019

posted Jul 5, 2016, 9:37 AM by Rebecca Burgess   [ updated Mar 21, 2019, 2:56 PM ]
Spelling  Study week 1 words in spelling city, test 3/22  Both groups A & B
Vocabulary words for Reading are listed in Spelling City as a vocabulary list for 5/6.  Test will be 3/29.       Grammar    M p.17  rules for plurals, T Game to review spelling rules, locating nouns, diagramming.  Th p. 122 possessives  
Reading  M Read chapter 4 pp 35-43. Th Read chap. 6 pp50-61 (quiz over chapter on 3/22)
F     Study vocabulary words in spelling city.                                          

Bible MV for this week is Galatians 4:6, 7  Test will be 3/29  M Write responses in journal to story about Hezekiah and the bully.  

Math 5  M Work on IXL lessons  L20 and L13.  T wb. pp. 137, 138.  W text p. 283 for practice. Assignment is wb. pp 139,140.  Th  Review for test using extra practice workbook pages.  F  IXL math practice.
Math 6  M p. 294  7-24 all.  T pp 294, 295  25-29 all and 34-38.

IXL assignments 5th  L20, L13
       assignments 6th  Y1, Z6, Z7, Z8    
Science     T  Lesson Potential and Kinetic Energy  pp 360-367.  Scripture p. 366   Th pp368-373 & scripture p. 369                                         Social Studies  M  p. 314  Who  was Cincinnatus, and what did he do?  p. 322  What was the result of creating a professional army?  Th Complete wb pp 137-140