Ways your student will be graded

posted Aug 22, 2016, 6:41 PM by Rebecca Burgess
I will follow the grading scale in the school handbook, and progress reports will go home every few weeks.  You will notice on some assignments I do not assign points but rather evaluate a student's effort. A check plus means extra effort, student has gone above and beyond. A check means satisfactorily completed.  A check minus means the student has given minimal effort, done the least to get by.  In addition, I often give students credit for effort as well as credit for accuracy.  In math, I may give students credit for completing a difficult new concept regardless of accuracy.  And sometimes I spot check, grading for accuracy on part of the problems.  I will always grade for accuracy on quizzes and tests.

On many assignments, particularly writing assignments and special projects, I will use a rubric to evaluate students.  They will be given rubrics ahead of time so they can be sure to follow guidelines.